Help Wildlife in SA

Hands-on help is needed in a Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in KwaZulu-Natal, in South Africa

Abandoned baby Springbok being cared for by a volunteer

This is our new born baby springbok we are mothering. During a recent game capture effort a mother gave birth and left her baby behind. It came to us with the umbilical cord still attached. She has now found out what her very long legs are for and is taking walks around.

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Rewarding Street Kids Project in Quito, Ecuador

Rewarding Street Kids Project in Quito, Ecuador

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Elephant & Baby

The elephant is the largest animal that lives on land. Some male elephants can grow to be thirteen feet tall. That's more than twice as tall as many human adults. Elephants can weigh as much as a school bus—between ten and fourteen thousand pounds! Read More ...


The Bridge the Gap Foundation is the partner organisation of Travellers Worldwide. Travellers provide volunteers for worthwhile placements.  

If you’d like to get involved you can choose to donate  to or volunteer at any of the fantastic Travellers Worldwide projects!  Whether you’d like to work with children, adults or animals, we have the project for you!  

Below is just a small selection of the brilliant projects that Travellers Worldwide has available:

Animal Rehabilitation Centre in South Africa

Animal Rehabilitation Centre in South AfricaBased in a beautiful Rehabilitation Centre you'll help rehabilitate orphaned, injured, abused or abandoned animals.

With hundreds of species, including many monkeys, you'll assist in various duties from feeding to building cages to assisting in rescues and releases. A fantastic centre and place for true animal lovers.  Read more...

Care for Orphans & Underprivileged Pre-School Children in Ghana

Care for Orphans & Underprivileged Pre-School Children in GhanaWork in a pre-school in the Kwabenya region of Accra with orphaned and underprivileged children. You'll be involved in a variety of activities, such as playtime, feeding, basic teaching.

You can give these children a boost by helping them to learn basic numerical and English skills, drawing, painting, music and also facilitating games. This is where you'll help to develop their audio-visual skills from a young age.  Read more...


Animal Sanctuary in South Africa

Care for Abused Animals in the AD Animal Sanctuary in South Africa Feeding time!The main focus of this wildlife sanctuary is to rehabilitate injured, orphaned, abused or neglected animals and birds. Those that can't be rehabilitated are care for and housed for the rest of their lives.

Your work is very hands-on and your assistance is sorely needed. This is an excellent project in a stunning location. It's also very popular and can be combined with any of our other projects.  Read more...

Vervet Monkey Rehabilitation Project in KZN, South Africa

Vervet Monkey Rehabilitation Project in KZN, South Africa Help to care for, rehabilitate and release injured and abandoned Vervet Monkeys back into the wild to live a free and natural life.

You'll work with a Non-Profit Organisation that specialises in the care, rehabilitation & return to the wild of Vervet Monkeys that have been injured, orphaned or displaced, usually as a result of actions on the part of people.   Read more...

Teach Disadvantaged Children in Ecuador

Teach Disadvantaged Children in EcuadorTeach in stunning Ecuador! The government school we work with has about 200 pupils aged from 5 to 14 years old. The children come from many different economic backgrounds and family situations.

Some of the children are sponsored by the upper class employers of their parents, others cannot attend school everyday as they work as street vendors for part of the week. Read more...


Conservation in the Amazon Rainforest in Peru

Conservation in the Amazon Rainforest in PeruLive and work in the most awesome jungle in the world - the AMAZON! This is a multi-activity project, where you'll benefit from the training components and actively assist in the environmental monitoring study at multiple locations.

As you stay longer, you will take on increasing levels of data collection and project management responsibilities. Some adventure activities are also included.  Read more...


Care Projects in Sri Lanka

Care Projects in Sri LankaThe children in Sri Lanka have the biggest smiles and the cutest brown eyes… they will melt your heart the moment you meet them!

We work with a local NGO that has numerous wonderfully worthwhile care projects in Sri Lanka. We work with four different projects: Abandoned Children's Project, Teenage Mother's Project, Street Children Project & Disabled School. Read more...


Work With Dolphins In Western Australia

Work With Dolphins In Western AustraliaThis fascinating and very worthwhile project give you high levels of personal satisfaction and you'll contribute to the well-being of dolphins, in one of the most beautiful parts of Australia!

The sheer size, amazing natural wealth, awesome scenery and huge variety of plant and animal life make Australia an essential destination for anyone with a passion for nature and wildlife. Read more...


Cheetah and Predator Conservation in a Game Reserve in Northern South Africa

Cheetah and Predator Conservation in a Game Reserve in Northern South AfricaHelp conserve Cheetahs and other predators in their natural environment. You'll live on a Game Reserve, in a fantastic bush camp and you'll be involved with tracking, monitoring and researching the amazing Cheetah (did you know they run at 70 mph? That's fast!)

You'll also be involved in night safaris, Reserve management and conservation efforts of a number of other, different species.