Help Wildlife in SA

Hands-on help is needed in a Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in KwaZulu-Natal, in South Africa

Abandoned baby Springbok being cared for by a volunteer

This is our new born baby springbok we are mothering. During a recent game capture effort a mother gave birth and left her baby behind. It came to us with the umbilical cord still attached. She has now found out what her very long legs are for and is taking walks around.

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Rewarding Street Kids Project in Quito, Ecuador

Rewarding Street Kids Project in Quito, Ecuador

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Elephant & Baby

The elephant is the largest animal that lives on land. Some male elephants can grow to be thirteen feet tall. That's more than twice as tall as many human adults. Elephants can weigh as much as a school bus—between ten and fourteen thousand pounds! Read More ...


Animal Rehabilitation Centre in South Africa

Animal Rehabilitation Centre in South AfricaBased in a beautiful Rehabilitation Centre you'll help rehabilitate orphaned, injured, abused or abandoned animals.

With hundreds of species, including many monkeys, you'll assist in various duties from feeding to building cages to assisting in rescues and releases. A fantastic centre and place for true animal lovers.


Sinethemba Street Kids Project in South Africa

Sinethemba Street Kids ProjectSinethemba, The Xhosa name for this South African Centre for Street Children means “We have hope”. This project was set up to provide hope and help to troubled young people and their families, through building caring relationships and providing development opportunities.

This fantastic, worthwhile project combines many aspects that all help to provide a caring, friendly, relaxed and fun environment where guidance and assessment is offered to children living on the streets and children at risk.

This centre is constantly urgently in need of donations to keep it running! You can help by sponsoring the centre, or volunteering there!

The Cat & Rabbit Rescue Centre, Sidlesham, UK

The Cat & Rabbit Rescue Centre, Sidlesham, UKThe Cat and Rabbit Rescue Centre was established in 1986 in Sidlesham, West Sussex, UK and is a registered charity. Set in 4 acres of beautiful countryside this is an idyllic place for both long and short term animal residents.

They offer their services to a vast area covering 600 square miles, of which the population is 560,000. Since starting the rescue 24 years ago, they have supported over 18,000 cats, rabbits and guinea pigs.

'Our mission is to take in unwanted, abandoned and stray animals, giving them treatment and support to find that ‘forever’ home.'